Life Planning is a different way of thinking

It’s not something to do and forget about and it doesn’t begin with numbers…it begins with Choices and what you want out of Life.

Your Life changes, so your Plan should too.

We help you define a highly detailed picture of your current lifestyle and visualize what you want to achieve for you and your Family in the future.

Optimas show how your specific Lifetime goals, outside factors such as taxation, inflation and personal changes will affect your Life Plan in real terms.

Look at your Wealth a different way with Optimas.

For almost 20 years, as a major plc Board Director and Business Consultant, like many I devoted a great deal of time to developing businesses sometimes at the expense of personal wealth planning. Alan McLaughlin changed all that and his in depth advice and knowledge have been truly invaluable to me and my wider family over the years – always helpful, professional and importantly practical.

What more can I say? Absolutely First Class.

I would recommend Optimas to anyone – feel free to call me on Prestbury (01625) 827880 if you want to know more about how Alan has helped me.
George Marcall, Park Group Plc